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IntegraRack IR-30 BallastRack™ Solar Module Racking System

The IntegraRack IR-30 is the fastest and most cost effective solar module ground mount solution. The IR-30 BallastRack is capable of racking solar panels of any size and offers 4 easy mounting options.

IntegraRack IR-T1 No Penetration TileBallast™ Solar Module Mounting System

We are proud to offer the industries first No Penetration Tile Roof Bracket. IntegraRack’s TileBallast™ System means that the IR-T1 is 4x faster than anything else on the market and is extremely strong. For use with all rail systems.

IntegraRack IR-05 Flat Roof Ballast System

The fastest solution on the market, the IntegraRack IR-05 clamps around a standard cinder block, and using an integrated handle, allows one person to carry and place multiple base systems with weight in one trip. Allows for install times of less than 5 minutes per module.

High-Tech Solar Solutions

For Any install

At Solar Power Distributors, we have the solar solutions for any job, and each is designed for various uses to eliminate the complexity of solar installations. All of the products we offer conform to UL 2703 Mechanical and Bonding requirements.

Solar PANEL Racking Systems

Adjustable Ground Mounts, Roof Racking and Ballasted Flat Roof Solar Systems

At Solar Power Distributors, we pride ourselves in offering the best products in the industry. We are based out of Las Vegas, Nevada and offer solutions for any solar installation from No Penetration Tile Roof Brackets to Adjustable Ground Mount Systems and everything in between. No matter what kind of job your doing, we have everything you need.


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